Our US Market Entry Vanguard Program is an intensive, expertly curated program that helps your startup to successfully enter and grow in the US market.

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Our program is for international companies that have achieved product-market fit in their market of origin and have the financial means to cover the initial market entry phase and the cost of the program. Once traction has been established in the US market, the program will support additional fundraising from US and international investors to supercharge your growth in the US and look for further expansion opportunities globally using Silicon Valley’s uniquely powerful global position.


  • PMF in Home Market
  • Shareholders' Support
  • Financially Backed
  • Strong Team

Program Structure

Our program is divided into four main stages: Assessment, Preparation, Traction, and Scale-UP, each building on the previous to ensure a smooth transition and consistent progress. The first two stages are carried out over a 12-week period with a follow-on phase of traction for 6 months.

Phase 1


Comprehensive evaluation of your startup’s product, business model, and market potential in the US.

  • Weeks 1-3
  • Virtual
  • Market Evaluation
  • Product Evaluation
  • Business Model Analysis
Phase 2


Tailored GTM strategy, branding and marketing plan, and ensuring compliance with US regulations.

  • Weeks 4-12
  • Virtual
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Compliance and Legal
Phase 3


Focused execution of sales and business dev. strategies, product launch, and performance analysis.

  • Months 4-10
  • Mixed
  • US Product Launch
  • Business Development
  • Performance Analysis
Phase 4


Driving market penetration and fostering investor relations to secure a solid foothold in the US market.

  • Post Month 10
  • Mixed
  • Scaling Operations
  • Fundraising Support
  • Growth Monitoring

Program Highlights

Navigating the unknown: We understand the uncertainty that comes with attempting to enter a foreign market. Our program is designed to cut through the complexity, providing you a clear path forward.

Tailored Approach

Our customized approach for each startup’s unique needs ensures we set the right track for your US market entry.

Vanguard Vision

Benefit from the guidance of our industry veterans and market experts, who stand at the forefront of their fields.

GTM Blueprint

We’re here to assist you in developing a robust Go-To-Market strategy, setting the master plan for your successful launch.

Navigate the US Market with a Strong Partner

At BootUP, we offer a meticulously tailored journey, specifically sculpted to align with your startup’s distinctive needs and objectives.

By tapping into our deep pool of industry insights, strategic alliances, and expert mentorship, we equip you with all you need to successfully implement your Go-To-Market strategy in the US market.

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