Educating the World’s Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Universities are in charge of exposing their students to new ideas, new trends, and new skills so they can be the next generation of leaders. What better place to do so than in Silicon Valley? BootUP regularly welcomes university students from around the world, sharing with them our insight on the entrepreneurial mindset, what it takes to be a startup founder, the true meaning of innovation, and more. We educate them… Silicon Valley style.


A Place for your Student Entrepreneurs to Grow
Your University Silicon Valley Launch Pad.


Be part of BootUP’s Exclusive Global Student Community

BootUP/SVCMI are globally recognized leaders in the entrepreneurial and innovative mindset. Student founders experience first-hand our world-renowned startup workshops, focusing on the key ingredients for 3Ms for success: Mindset, Messaging, Model

BootUP opens its unique startup community to University-selected student startup founders from across the globe

    • Student founders are fully integrated into Silicon Valley “real world” startup environment, working side by side with other startups, mentores, innovators

    • Student Founders become members of our exclusive global BootUP Young Entrepreneurs Network (BYEN)

Universities gain another “added value” benefit, augmenting theory with practice

BootUP provides Universities with a fully integrated package – office space, training, network, and community to help your startups reach the next level.

Student entrepreneurs are our next generation of leaders who will move our word forward. Being part of a network of like-minded peers from around the world to exchange ideas, connect, and collaborate is extremely valuable.

BootUP regularly welcomes student entrepreneurs from all over the world.

We connect the world for you by giving you access to this exclusive student network which will help you on your journey of entrepreneurship.


Learn to think like an Entrepreneur

1/2 Day Workshop

A quick look at what it takes to become an Entrepreneur from the perspective of Silicon Valley.


+ Entrepreneurial Mindset for Tomorrow’s Founder
+ Defining Your Value Proposition

1-3 Day Workshop

A transformative deep-dive into how Entrepreneurship has the power to change the world and address today’s most pressing problems.


+ Mindset Workshop (½ Day) content, plus
+ Creating and Developing Your Investor Pitch

Summer Entrepreneurship Program

Unique “Summer Entrepreneurship Program” (SEP) in the heart of Silicon Valley. Program provides best of both worlds –an ideal combination of theoretical and practical – right in Menlo Park

Practical, globally recognized expertise of BootUP/SVVS in entrepreneurship bootcamp programs and scaling for startups from all over the world

Students become members of our exclusive global BootUP Young Entrepreneurs Network (BYEN) – ongoing connectivity and engagement – for all


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We offer individual and tailor-made solutions for different needs.

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