Empowering the Local Ecosystem

Our methodology focuses on adapting the innovation roadmap and best practices from Silicon Valley to suit the local context while cultivating a supportive environment for Indian startups. This approach enables Indian startups to thrive by harnessing the expertise and knowledge of the world’s leading innovation ecosystem while catering to the unique needs and challenges of the local market.


We forge key partnerships with well-connected regional players, laying the groundwork for a flourishing country hub community.


We cultivate growth mindset, fostering a supportive environment where knowledge transfer empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs.


We provide global exposure for Indian startups while enriching the ecosystem with diverse perspectives and ideas, fueling growth worldwide.

Sparks of Silicon Valley India Hub

We’re proud to showcase the “Sparks of India Hub,” a series of activities and events that demonstrate the success of our initiatives:

Menlo Park & Kochi Become Sister Cities

Mukul Agarwal, Founder & CEO of BootUP Ventures, has been committed to promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in India. As part of this mission, the company played a pivotal role in establishing a Sister City partnership between Menlo Park, California and Kochi, Kerala in 2015.

To initiate the partnership, BootUP Ventures engaged in a conversation with the Menlo Park Mayor and Chancellor. This was followed by a delegation from Menlo Park visiting India to meet with the chief ministers of Kochi and Kerala. These efforts culminated in the establishment of the Sister City partnership, which has since proven to be a valuable platform.

Icreate & BootUP Forging Partnership

BootUP Ventures and iCreate (International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology), a Gujarat-based incubator, established partnership during the Vibrant Gujarat delegation to Silicon Valley led by Arvind Agarwal, Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Gujarat. The partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both organizations, with BootUP offering a platform for Indian entrepreneurs to gain exposure to Silicon Valley, and iCreate providing a landing pad for US innovators to enter the Indian market.

Many Other Interactions

Partnership Opportunities

By becoming a partner in SVINHUB, you can play a vital role in strengthening India’s innovation ecosystem. Our platform enables cross-border collaboration and growth, fostering a resilient and adaptable community. Together, we can help the Indian startup ecosystem thrive and create lasting impact.

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