Silicon Valley remains the world’s top Startup Ecosystem. Being part of this unique environment will sharpen you as an Entrepreneur and significantly increase your Startup’s chances of success.

Whether you are early stage, scale up or in search of global expansion, our uniquely positioned Startup programs can help you unlock the potential of Silicon Valley and our global network.

Our Services & Programs

Silicon Valley Launchpad Program

The ‘BootUP Silicon Valley Launch Pad’ program is a unique program designed to help international Startups enter this highly competitive ecosystem in a way that is most specific to their needs. Through this program you will become part of the BootUP family and be able to utilize BootUP’s deep connections, knowledge and physical presence to succeed in unlocking Silicon Valley’s potential for your growth ambitions. 

Program Duration

6 months to ongoing


Position your Startup in the Silicon Valley Ecosystem and throughout the BootUP global network to get you exposure to growth and financing opportunities.


Mix of virtual membership, physical Silicon Valley presence and virtual and on-site programs and networking.


  • Flexible mix of virtual/ on-site components in which we help you land and expand in Silicon Valley
  • Virtual & physical home in the center of Silicon Valley with fully managed business address and a workplace for you in our Menlo Park offices
  • Access to BootUP staff and mentors to guide your plans
  • Support in honing your business plan, mindset and message Silicon Valley style
  • Support in building the right connections with local players and beyond
  • Virtual Mentor One-on-Ones
  • Investor Introductions & Pitch
  • Networking
  • On-site 5 day Boot Camp program


Accelerator Prep-Program

Getting access to top US Accelerators can be a significant growth opportunity for your Startup. However, entry is competitive. Based on our transformational and intensive one week on-site Bootcamp format, the BootUP Prep-Program is designed to help you select the right accelerator and prepare you for a successful application. The benefits of this program go beyond a single application, though, and you will learn essential skills in how to prepare your Startup Silicon Valley style.

Program Duration

1-3 months


Help your startup decide on a US Accelerator Program and prepare you for entry.


Virtual and/or on-site sessions including BootUP staff one-on-ones.


  • Understanding Accelerator Programs
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset for Today’s Founder
  • Business Model & Strategic Development
  • Financial Modeling
  • Go-To-Market Strategies
  • Storytelling
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Pitch Development
  • Mentor One-on-Ones & Pitch Practice

Global Expansion Support

Silicon Valley is as much a local ecosystem as it is a global hub. Through BootUPs international Hubs, we are offering Startups the ability to explore their global expansion options into many of the world’s most attractive growth markets. 


  • An assessment of your expansion options with our international partners
  • Introduction to our international network through the BootUP world Hub network
  • Support in managing expansion strategy and execution
  • Support in growth related financing

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Working with leading global Corporations on mutual innovations can offer significant growth opportunities for Startups. BootUP runs a uniquely bespoke Corporate Innovation program, giving us the opportunity to design and manage deeply integrated Corporate/ Startup collaborations. We can work with you to see whether the Corporate collaboration route is right for you and help you gain access to and manage such collaborations.


  • Understand the potential of Corporate collaborations for your Startup
  • Gain access to Corporate collaboration opportunities worldwide
  • Design and manage your collaborations effectively

Investment through the BootUP Network

We can offer early-stage individual financing opportunities on a case-by-case basis through our network. 

Speak to us to see whether you fit our investment criteria.

Workshops & Bootcamps

5-Day StartUp Bootcamp

A transformational and intensive one-week program designed for early stage companies. You will work closely with some of the brightest and most talented mentors from around the world in small group workshops and one-on-one sessions to redefine your: Mindset, Model, and Message.



  • Entrepreneurial Mindset for Today’s Founder

  • Business Model & Strategic Development

  • Financial Modeling

  • Go-To-Market Strategies

  • Storytelling

  • Growth Hacking

  • Fundraising Strategies

  • Mentor One-on-Ones

  • Defining Your Value Proposition

  • Refining Your Investor Pitch

  • Investor Introductions & Pitch

  • Networking

½ Day Pitch Workshop

The ability to clearly articulate your startup idea is key to getting a second meeting.  Messaging is key.  Mukul Agarwal, our CEO & Founder, has helped 100’s of startup delegations from around the world to master this practice.  Come experience the magic yourself in our unique,  intense ½ Day Pitch Workshop.


  • Experience the Entrepreneurial Mindset needed for success

  • Learn how to succinctly and clearly tell your startup’s story

  • Craft your 30 second pitch – key to getting that meeting

  • Learn from the master of messaging

Some of our Workshop participants



We offer individual and tailor-made solutions for different needs.

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