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Whether you are early stage, scale up or in search of global expansion, our uniquely positioned Startup programs can help you unlock the potential of Silicon Valley and our global network. Become part of our ecosystem to get access to BootUP’s years of expertise.

Startup Bootcamp

A transformational and intensive one-week program designed for early stage companies. You will work closely with some of the brightest and most talented mentors from around the world in small group workshops and one-on-one sessions to redefine your: Mindset, Model, and Message.

Readiness Sprint

We tailor the specific needs of individual international startups to enter a highly competitive Silicon Valley ecosystem. This is an invitation only program which is offered to the founders and key members of a Startup. The customized program is designed for personalized guidance and training required for successfully raising investments in Silicon Valley . BootUP subject matter experts, mentors and entrepreneurs-in-residence will work one on one with the startup to focus their efforts on making you eligible for funding.

Success in fund-raising at seed, post-seed and subsequent series require defensible and well throughout components that demonstrate your mastery over the following components, which are specific to your startup:

Vetted business model: BootUP, through existing contacts, and outreach strategies empowers the startup to conduct customer discovery, iterate on the business model, and present a clear vetted business model with conviction.  conviction.

Well-defined GTM: BootUP, with the startup, defines the GTM strategy that would garner investor interest, define short term execution, and eventually allow the startup to maximize revenue and profits.

Traction: BootUP identifies early adopters where the startup’s value proposition is strongest, focus on sales enablement, and lock-in a critical mass of customers

1st Step

Workshop & Pitching Events

Participate in our ongoing events to introduce your startup.

2nd Step

Startup Bootcamp

Transform yourself in just one week and increase your chance of success.

Final Step

Readiness Sprint

Following the Startup Bootcamp, eligible startups will have the opportunity to participate in the Readiness Sprint program.

BootUP Your Startup

Change your mindset, learn how to tell a captivating story, learn from VCs on how to pitch to investors, and network with experts in your domain. Transform yourself in just 5 days and increase your chance of success.

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