Helping Governments Build Bridges With Silicon Valley

BootUP assists government organizations across
the globe to build bridges with Silicon Valley

Government leaders face unique challenges.

Not only are they responsible for the day-to-day welfare of their constituents, they are also in charge of ensuring a bright future by providing the framework, policies, network and support to propel economic growth, job creation, investment and overall stability, and quality living standards.

Fostering entrepreneurship and innovation by supporting a vibrant startup ecosystem plays a pivotal role, including defining public and private sector involvement.

SVCMI helps governments define their roadmap.


Government Workshops

Understand the power of the Silicon Valley ecosystem with the help of our bespoke workshop programs.

SVCMI offers customized workshops, such as innovation workshops specifically suited to the unique challenges faced by public officials, as well as how to integrate and apply specific industry sectors within your region.

SVCMI offers government supported startup bootcamps, as well as a Silicon Valley launchpad, providing space, mentors, and local access for international startups. SVCMI believes there are great startups everywhere in the world, and SVCMI believes in supporting these startups on their journey. Check our our startup bootcamp and corporates

SVCMI supports governments in building a dynamic, vibrant local ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship by providing skills, tools, guidance, and mentorship which help build the Silicon Valley brand. Programs include specific workshops and playbooks for incubator/accelerator leaders, policy guidance and support mechanisms, in-country training and roadshows, etc…

Global Relationships

BootUP has hosted various government officials, princes, ambassadors, ministers, trade delegations from around the world, including the following countries:


We offer individual and tailor-made solutions for different needs.

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