Build Your Innovation Growth Engine

Corporations are struggling to keep up with innovation trends and evolving customer habits. We offer a suite of integrated programs, including strategy, sourcing, co-innovation, that enable leaders to re-envision the way they approach business and utilize innovation for lasting growth.

Unlock the Innovation power of Silicon Valley to transform your business.

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Build Your Innovation Growth Engine

Innovation is the key future growth engine for any organization. Our approach to innovation is strategic and practical at the same time. We work closely with our corporate clients in mapping out how innovation can be mastered internally and externally to build a lasting engine for corporate growth. We support our clients in identifying their current innovation maturity and in filling the gap between current capabilities and future growth ambitions. Our tailor-made programs are designed to help you –

  • Develop an innovation mindset
  • Support an innovation driven corporate strategy
  • Develop a balanced innovation portfolio to build and sustain your innovation based growth engine
  • Grow your internal innovation capabilities
  • Build your external innovation ecosystem

Find The Right Innovation Partner

As a leading Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem, with a vibrant community of dynamic startups and a global network including mentors, advisors and partners enabling access to technologies and startups from all over the world, SVCMI is your ideal partner for finding innovation partners. Our expertise includes –

  • Strategy based scouting of startups, innovators and new technologies from around the globe
  • Deep vetting of external innovation partners and solutions
  • Design and management of POCs and other co-innovation formats
  • Due Diligence, M&A and Acquihire support for best strategic integration of external innovation partners
  • CVC blueprint support

Achieve Continuous Success

Our corporate innovation programs are specifically design for the success of our corporate clients. We understand that innovation is not a single event but a continuous process that requires long-term nurture and support. We therefore aim to build lasting relationships with our corporate clients that can be utilized for continuous innovation success and organizational transformation.

Individual Solutions

We offer individual and tailor-made solutions for different needs.

Our Services & Programs

Mindset Workshops

A transformational and intensive virtual or onsite program designed for organizational leaders. You will work closely with Mukul Agarwal, our CEO & Founder, and a selection of the brightest and most talented mentors from around the world, on understanding how Innovation is your most important growth engine and how Innovation success starts with the right Mindset.


  • Entrepreneurial Mindset for Today’s Leaders
  • Business Model & Strategic Development
  • Storytelling
  • Mentor One-on-Ones
  • Defining Your Value Proposition
  • Networking

Trend & Signal Scouting

Understanding the disruption your industry is facing is a difficult undertaking. Organizations needs to develop the skills and competences to understand trends and the ability to read and translate weak signals that herald upcoming opportunities and threats. Furthermore, organizations need to acquire the ability to create new actionable knowledge to transform themselves and survive. We will work with you on spotting trends and signals and on building these important capabilities for your organization through our modular programs.


  • Custom programs for trend & signal spotting for your organization
  • Global Mega Trend Analysis and Industry POVs
  • Startup & Tech Watch programs in tune with your specific needs
  • Organizational capability building – learn how to learn

Co-Innovation Programs

Startups’ successes are largely based on their willingness and ability to shape the future rather than to react to it. Startup entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and across the globe, are single minded about creating new value in and new knowledge about the world in which we live. We firmly believe that there is immense value in brining the power of Corporates and the vision of Startups together to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. Our Co-Innovation programs are designed around a strong focus on the specific needs of our corporate clients.


  • In-depth requirement analysis to ground our search thoroughly in your strategic innovation needs
  • Sourcing of global startups, inventors and technologies from 1,000s of sources and direct relationships
  • Detailed vetting to find the best innovation partners
  • Continuous refining of your innovation vision throughout our scouting and vetting phases
  • Shortlisted innovation partners invited to an intense 1-week Boot Camp facilitated by BootUP
  • Designing the Blueprints for POCs and other

Innovation Strategy

Through this program we will help you understand what role Innovation can play on setting your Corporate Strategy. We will work closely with you and your team on the design of an Innovation Strategy specific to your needs.


  • Emergent Strategy & Innovation
  • Using your Values to shape the Future
  • Strategic Analysis of your current Innovation Initiatives
  • Defining your Balanced Innovation Portfolio
  • Linear & Non-linear Innovation

Investor Bootcamp

This intensive program helps Corporate Investors learn how to invest like a Silicon Valley VC

Program Duration

5 days




  • What a startup really is
  • Why Silicon Valley is different
  • Startups or lifestyle businesses?
  • The corporate structure of a startup in Silicon Valley
  • How to invest in Silicon Valley startups
  • How things changed in Silicon Valley over the last 10 years
  • The Cap Table
  • The Term Sheet
  • Metrics
  • Liquidity event
  • How to analyze a deal and practical analysis of some deals
  • How to invest in SV and follow startups from abroad

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