Angel investment in startups that are impact driven & growth oriented

BootUP Angels

Launched in 2021, BootUP Angels invests in startups from around the globe who are ready to take on the Silicon Valley mindset, mentorship, and investment.

BootUp Angels taps into its vast network of international hubs to discover promising startups and leverages its StartUP Launchpad program, Silicon Valley connections, and industry relations to help drive startup traction and growth.

For Entrepreneurs & Startups

We invest $100k to $2M in startups that have proven some level of product-market fit, are highly resourceful, have gained traction in creative ways, and are led by genuine, customer-focused teams. We lead rounds and consider sidecar investments.

Once we invest, BootUP leverages its network, industry connections, global hubs to help startups gain traction through sales, letters of intent, proof-of-concepts, and pilots. BootUPs vast angel and advisory network assists startups in refining their business model, go-to-market strategy, ensuring successful future rounds of fundraising.

For Angel Investors

We welcome Angels from across the globe, who respect the entrepreneurial journey, hold a unique perspective in underserved markets, and possess unrivaled industry experience. While prior investment experience is not required, we ask for a strong commitment to serve, mentor, and advise our portfolio of startups and their teams.

On average, BootUP works with startups for 3 months before considering an investment. This allows the BootUP launchpad team to assess investment opportunities and validate startup value proposition and growth.

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