December 2, 2021 BootUP


BootUP World and CZECHINVEST invite you to our exclusive pitch event featuring an exciting batch of the Czech Republic’s most promising startups. Part of our global Boot Camp Series, this event will give you the opportunity to learn about early stage startups from one of Europe’s most promising startup ecosystems. 


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Participating Startups:

IFA Services

IFA Services is a Fintech platform with a highly experienced founder team. IFA’s mission is to empower existing financial institutions to deliver technology-enabled services to new consumer segments.

Category – Fintech


Worldee is a travel platofrm that is changing the way travelers can turn inspiration into complete travel experiences. Worldee’s marketplace makes it easy to shop whole itineraries from experienced travelers without the hassle of research, planning and booking.

Category – Travel



Mebster is a complete R&D platform for medical hardware devices. On this platform, Mebster have developed exoskeleton solutions that have the power to revolutionize patient mobility and treatment in critical healthcare areas.

Category – MedTech


Ullmanna is solving one of agriculture’s most pressing problems – the overuse of pesticides. Ullmanna have developed a smart-weeder that can help organic farmers significantly reduce labor cost and offer non-organic farmers an effective path to pesticide use reduction. 

Category – AgTech



Retailys is a powerful omni-channel e-commerce solution that empowers midsize e-commerce players to participate in cross-border business. Cross-border e-commerce is predicted to reach US$4,8tn in 2026 and Retailys provides a simple SAAS based turnkey solution to an otherwise complex obstacle to e-commerce growth for smaller e-commerce companies. 

Category – E-Commerce, SAAS



VOS is a mental health platform focusing on helping people live fulfilling lives. Based on a unique application that is being developed with psychologists from Cambridge and Palacký University, VOS offers smart recommendations based on users’ current mental states.

Category – Mental Health, Health & Wellness



Festada have developed a complete solution to reduce animal breeder’s administrative workload by 90%. Festada addresses a number of critical issues in herd breeding with a wide application potential in a fast changing agricultural ecosystem. 

Category – AgTech



GroundCom is a space tech communications startup that is empowering space mission control centers with a combination of ground stations and communications software to address the fast growing communication needs of the small sats market.  

Category – Communications, Space Tech

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